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Permanent and long-term contract staff

Associate Professor Susan A. Bourne
Inclusion chemistry; crystallography; thermal analysis

Professor Mino R. Caira
Solid state chemistry; drug polymorphism; drug pseudopolymorphism; drug-cyclodextrin inclusion; drug complexation; co-crystallization; drug enantiomeric separation

Associate Professor Kelly Chibale
Organic synthesis; medicinal chemistry

Dr Bette Davidowitz
Senior Lecturer; chemical education; curriculum design; writing and communication within the discipline

Associate Professor Timothy J. Egan
Chemistry of antimalarial drugs

Associate Professor David W. Gammon
Natural products chemistry; phytochemical studies on medicinal plants; carbohydrates; heterogeneous catalysis of organic reactions

Professor Roger Hunter
Synthesis; indole alkaloids; calixarenes; p-block synthetic methodology

Associate Professor Alan T. Hutton
Organometallic chemistry; co-ordination chemistry; microwave chemistry; electrochemistry

Professor Graham E. Jackson
Nuclear magnetic resonance; computer modelling; metal-ion equilibria; design of metal containing drugs; copper and rheumatoid arthritis

Professor John R. Moss
Organometallic chemistry; catalysis; inorganic chemistry; synthesis and properties of new compounds and materials

Dr Pavan K. Naicker
Lecturer; computational chemistry

Associate Professor Kevin J. Naidoo
Computational chemistry; polymers; statistical physics; pharmaceutical drug design

Dr Neil Ravenscroft
Senior Lecturer; physicochemical analysis of biologicals; carbohydrates; glycoconjugate and protein vaccines

Professor Allen L. Rodgers
Kidney stones; urine chemistry; calcium oxalate crystallization

Dr Eugene S. Sickle
Lecturer; organic synthesis with applications in medicinal chemistry

Dr Gregory S. Smith
Lecturer; organometallic chemistry; catalysis; metal containing polymers and dendrimers; bio-organometallic polymers

Dr Sarah Wilson
Contract Lecturer

Senior Research Scholars

Professor Luigi R. Nassimbeni
Physical chemistry; thermal analysis; kinetics; inclusion compounds

Honorary Research Associates

Dr Shirley C. Churms
Chromatographic analyses of carbohydrates; writing and communication within the discipline

Prof Raymond J. Haines
Organometallic chemistry

Dr David J. Robinson
Platinum group metal chemistry, hydrometallurgy, analytical chemistry, technology development, separation sciences

Dr Eric Singleton
Inorganic chemistry

Dr Elizabeth Timme
Assessment of possible immuno-modulatory carbohydrates from local and indigenous plants and fungi

Emeritus Professors

Professor James R. Bull
Organic synthesis; steroidal hormones; 19-norsteroids; estrogens; bioactive steroids; predictive design; cycloaddition

Professor Peter W. Linder
Solution equilibria of cyclodextrin inclusion complexes

Professor Alistair M. Stephen
Carbohydrate chemistry

Postdoctoral Fellows

Dr Shameez Allie-Hamdulay
Investigation of urinary oxalate as a function of the time at which a calcium supplement is ingested relative to an oxalate-rich meal in South Africa's black and white populations

Dr Jeff Chen
Rational design of enzyme inhibitors for use in medicine

Dr Franck Chouteau
Total synthesis of natural products

Dr Meredith Hearshaw
Physicochemical analysis of biologicals; carbohydrates; glycoconjugate and protein vaccines

Dr Sonja Lewandowski
Dietary and microbiological investigation in South African black and white subjects with a view to understanding the difference in the incidence of kidney stone disease in the two race groups

Dr Anton Lopis
Development of the theory of liquid phase separation of platinum group metal complexes

Dr Aloysius Nchinda
Design, synthesis and evaluation of anti-hypertensive inhibitors of angiotensin converting enzyme

Dr Dejana Vujovic
X-ray crystallography; supramolecular chemistry; host/guest interactions

Dr Dawn Webber
Investigation of the functionality of oligosaccharides attached to UPTF1

Dr Seanette Wilson
Synthesis of novenamine and its analogues with modifications at C-4 and C-5

Dr Susan Yeh
Anti-malarial drug discovery

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